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CNC Milling Machines



Modern, universal and easy to operate – these are the main features to describe AVIA’s CNC Milling Machines. Universal Milling machines are characterized by their rigid construction, based on cast iron frame, designed for CNC technique, enabling working with vertical as well as horizontal spindle. Achieving higher accuracy in all axes, thanks to precision ball screws without backlash. Centrally positioned control panel with all required buttons and knobs facilitates the work of operator.

The most important features of universal CNC milling machines are:
  • high rigidity enables using of high-efficient machining parameters and receiving smooth surfaces,
  • ability to work with vertical as well as with horizontal spindle,
  • thanks to movable quill, milling and drilling operations performance has increased,
  • enclosed working area,
  • operator’s control panel placed on rotary arm,
  • max. vertical head spindle speed up to 8 000 rpm,
  • ground roller (FNX 30) and slide (FNE) guideways are wide and widely spaced which improves their life-time,
  • CNC control systems from reliable suppliers enable dialog programming.