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Manual Milling Machines




Manual milling machines combine tradition with contemporary trends. Applied drives and motors for feeds and spindle, ensure dynamics and long maintenance-free operation. Manual milling machines can be successfully used for machining of non-complicated details in batch production, but also for contouring and three dimensional machining. Universal application of these machines makes them capable of manufacturing workpieces made of different kind of materials, with usage of the most modern tool palette. Most common application of AVIA’s manual milling machines are: operator’s training centers, technical schools prototype rooms, maintenance dept. etc.

The most important features of manual milling machines are:

  • Direct digital readout for precision operations,
  • Centrally placed control panel for easy access which can be moved in most convinient place for operation,
  • direct and stepless regulation of feeds and spindle speed,
  • precision ball screws in all three axes,
  • enclosed working area,
  • vertical and horizontal spindle.