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Vertical Machining Centres VMC HS




VMC HS series machines belong to the most modern high speed machines on the market. They are adapted to work with very high rotational speed of the spindle, connected with high values of feed. Machine tools of HS series are the best solution for High Speed Machining. Excellent efficiency has been achieved thanks to below features:

  • spindles with maximal speeds of: 15 000 and 24 000 rpm,
  • rapid traverse – 40 m/min,
  • acceleration in X/Y/Z axes – 0,5 g,
  • interpolation acceleration – 1g,
  • single block processing time by CNC control – 0,5 sec

Thanks to the above mentioned features and a great rigidity, achieved by means of massive cast iron castings application, HS series centres turn out to be very useful in hard materials machining (hardened steel) as well as in high speed machining of the other materials, for instance: aluminum. These machine tools enable obtaining perfect surface finish and perfect contouring of the 3D shapes. Thermal compensation by temperature sensors is applied in standard execution. Thanks to this feature Z and Y axes elongations are being compensated. All VMC HS series vertical machining centres are equipped with spindle thermal stabilization with cooler, which allows to work long-lasting with very high spindle rotational speeds and extends the life of the spindle.