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Slant Bed CNC Lathes


AVIAturn Slant bed Lathes were designed according to the newest development trends, known in designing of slant bed CNC lathes. Close attention have been paid to:

  • ergonomics of the lathe operating,
  • effective flushing of the chips from the machining zone,
  • complete covering of the guideways against the chips,
  • rigidity of the single components,
  • speed of machining.

AVIAturn Slant Bed CNC Lathes are designed for machining parts in batches. Thanks to the excellent CNC packages used in these machines and high max. spindle speeds as well as rapid traverse rates the highest efficiency of machining has been achieved. To most important AVIA’s CNC Slant bed Lathes feature are:

  • rigid construction, based on one piece, solid cast iron base provides stability,
  • strongly ribbed of base, headstock and carriage have been optimized using Finite Elements Method,
  • fully enclosed workspace,
  • easy flowing chips are discharged to well accessible chip bin or onto the swarf conveyor (option),
  • equipped in fast, reliable 12 station turrets,
  • entirely digital CNC servo-system combined with direct driver (no belts),
  • AVIA’s ball screws with preloaded double nut are applied to achieve to long maintenance-free operations.

CNC systems

AVIAturn CNC lathes are equipped with the most modern digital drives and CNC system packages from FANUC or SIEMENS.

The standard CNC system FANUC 0i-TD is equipped with Manual Guide i and 3D option for an easy shop conversational programming, supported by graphics.

Similar programming facility, Shop Turn is offered with SINUMERIK 828D system which supports creating and testing technological programs.