VARIO 5-axis

VARIO 5-axis dynamic 5-axis center is a machine tool designed and prepared for continuous machining in five axes. A rotary-tilting table Ø450 mm allows for precise and quick execution of complex details. Torque motors used for the rotary axes guarantees dynamics and backlash-free operation for years. Precise encoders mounted in the center of the rotation of axis provide the angular position.

VARIO 5-axis machine tool is perfect for comprehensive machining of molds and dies, as well as for machining very accurate parts with complex spatial shapes and body parts using continuous 5-axis machining.

Travel in Y axis of 600 mm ensures full coverage of the worktable surface without the need to rotate the details by 180˚, which is important when making molds. Z axis travel is 460 mm and allows optimal use of space for detail and fastening.
Digital control: Heidenhain TNC640 with 19″ touch screen. Digital servo drives and motors for axis and spindle drive. Single block machining time 0.5 ms. Klartext dialog programming. LOOK AHEAD function (512bl). Wide selection of built-in fixed cycles. Software 1 (plane tilt) and Software 2 (SPLINE) options from Heidenhain as standard.

Technical data: VARIO 5-axis
Table surface mm Ø450
T-slots: number /width / spacing mm 6 / 14 / 60°
Max. table load kg 400
Max. distance from table surface in vertical position to spindle axis mm 288
Longitudinal (X) mm 500
Cross (Y) mm 600
Vertical (Z) mm 460
Tilt (A) deg. +110° / -110°
Rotation (C) deg. n*360°
SPINDLE 15 000 rpm – direct drive
Spindle taper ISO 40
Max. spindle speed rpm 15 000
Max. power S1 / S6 (25%)* kW 10/17
Max spindle torque S1 /S6 (25%)* Nm 64/108
Min. / Max. distance from spindle nose to table surface mm 115 / 575
Min./Max Spindle nose to tilting axis distance mm 127 / 587
Tool changer type swinging arm ATC (cam type)
Number of tools pcs 30
Tool to tool change time (tool-to-tool) sec. 2,0
Max tool diameter mm 85 / 150
Max tool weight kg 7
Max tool length mm 300
Feed rate X / Y / Z m/min 0 – 42/42/42
Rapid traverse X / Y / Z m/min 42/42/42
Max. speed of tilting and rotary (A/C) axes rpm 60/120
Max. continuous torque of tilting and rotary (A/C) axes Nm 684 / 228
Max. clamping torque of tilting and rotary (A/C) axes Nm 2500 / 1250
Standard HEIDENHAIN TNC 640 19″ Touchscreen
Accuracy of positioning (optional)** mm ±0,004
Repeatability (optional)** mm 0,004
Accuracy of positioning of rotary axes** sec. +/- 5″
Total power installed kVA 55
Overall Dimensions X / Y / Z mm 2450x2750x2800 (3100)
Weight approx. kg c.a. 5300
** acc. to PN-ISO 230-2

Presented technical data are subject to change without prior notice.

  • roller-type linear guideways for all three axes,
  • directly driven ballscrews in all axes,
  • automatic tool changer,
  • fully enclosed working area,
  • lighting system with lamps,
  • ethernet card, USB,
  • electric handwheel,
  • spindle and rotary-tilting table thermal stabilization,
  • complete coolant installation,
  • chip flushing system,
  • chip conveyor,
  • coolant wash gun and compressed air gun,
  • software option 2 for TNC 640,
  • telescopic covers of the guideways,
  • pull studs – 6 pcs for ISO 40 spindles,
  • operator’s and programming manuals.
  • Heidenhain linear scales for all three linear axes,
  • precision RCN 226 +/- 5 arc. sec rotary encoders for rotary axes,
  • tool probes,
  • workpiece probes,
  • coolling through spindle CTS (20 and 70 bar),
  • tool cooling by compressed air (5 bar),
  • coolling through spindle ATS (5 bar),
  • scraper type or hinge type chip conveyor,
  • CAD/CAM software,
  • other upon request.

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