About Us

Fabryka Obrabiarek Precyzyjnych AVIA S.A. Warsaw, Poland (Precision Machine Tools Factory “AVIA” S.A.) was established in 1902 and is one of the oldest Polish industrial plants. For the last 50 years AVIA has been one of the leading Polish manufacturers of high quality machine tools. Nowadays our brand is widely recognized in Europe, especially in Germany, where we have over 4000 installations.

At present we offer wide range of Vertical Machining Centres, Slant Bed CNC Lathes, CNC and manual Toolroom Milling Machines, and Ballscrews.

Our production runs according to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and therefore we are sure of constant improvement process in all of the aspects of our operation.

New machine tool designs are made by our own R&D Department. The unique combination of highly skilled young engineers and very experienced designers, being with AVIA for many years, ensures that special “environment” of Research and Development process. Designs are made using computer systems for:

  • Solid Modelling Design (CAD-3D),
  • Finite Element Method optimization,
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM),

At the company’s Headquarters in Warsaw, we operate a training centre along with showroom where AVIA’s Open Days are being held twice a year.

Our aim is not only to develop state-of-the-art machines and deliver them to the Customer, but also to provide training, service and maintenance support as well as the spare parts availability for many years after sale of the machine.

Maufacturing prcess

All the critical production processes are performed in house – at our manufacturing plant in Warsaw.

Starting from castings machining through manufacturing of the spindles and ballscrews also cabins and telescopic guideway covers to the assembly of the machines at the end.

Therefore we are sure that products we offer are made according to our directives and standards.

Quality control

Numerous acceptance tests are performed on each machine before shipment to the Customer. Starting from accuracy alignment through the laser interferometer calibration, ball-bar tests of circular interpolation, to many hours dry-run tests and machining tests.

Each machine is delivered to the Customer with Machine Card attached. This is the quality control certificate containing all results of machine tests.

Furthermore, there is a possibility, for the Customer, to inspect his machine during assembly process as well as perform special machining tests.

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