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Precision ballscrews

Precision ballscrews are produced by AVIA since over 30 years. They are supplied to the manufacturers of CNC machine tools, precision type manual machine tools, measuring machines, industrial robots and many other precision machines.

The range of standard ballscrews

We manufacture precision ballscrews ground according to the 1, 3 or 5 accuracy class (ISO 3408 and DIN 69051):

  • diameters from 16 to 80 mm,
  • leads from 4 to 20 mm,
  • total lengths up to 3000 mm.

Besides standard deliveries we also offer:/p>

  • custom made ballscrews executed according to customer’s drawings,
  • special executions of the ballscrews (please contact Ballscrew Dept.),
  • evaluation of customer’s ballscrews and their reconditioning,
  • final inspection of ballscrews including: laser interferometer performed lead error measurement, inspection of the value and uniformity of residual torque in the nut, inspection of the thread profile using the profilometer.